Husband and wife team, Anna Wilmsen (b. 1937) and the late Wolfgang Kubach (1936-2007) have been creating stone book sculptures for over thirty-five years. To them a slab of granite, onyx, or marble is as saturated with meaning and compressed life as any book could ever be. By shaping and polishing a stone fragment into the tactile likeness of a book the couple attempts to carve and bring out the history of the earth, thus creating a mystical fusion of matter and spirit. The Kubach-Wilmsens have two canonical forms – Booktower and Ikarus. Booktowers tend to take the form of a grouping of multiple different types of stones into one architectural unit envisioned to represent universality. Ikarus pieces are singular stone books that become abstract explorations into the medium’s limits while exploring the notion of circulation and incessant recycling.

Ikarus Black, 2007

Ikarus Black, 2007

African Granite







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