As heralded by SA2020, the historic 1929 Roosevelt Library, under the direction of Leland Stone, is a “new kind of gathering space.”  The building is located across from the Roosevelt Park which marks the beginning of the Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration and Recreation Project, an eight mile stretch of the San Antonio River that has received designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The building, designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, was designed by architect John Marriott who also designed the Carnegie Library in Delaware, Ohio.  In addition to exhibits throughout the building, the lower floor gallery exhibits the Gabriel Prize, one of the largest collections of original watercolors of French architecture by American artists and architects.  The lower floor is also home to Limatus Bespoke, a unique custom clothing showroom which was named Menswear Designer of the Year in 2017 by San Antonio Fashion Awards.  The building also features one of the largest dining tables in San Antonio, a library with a Steinway piano, a screening lounge with color-changing fabric walls, a well-appointed one-seat barber shop open every other Thursday, and an over-the-top chef’s kitchen featuring the La Cornue’s largest French range.

311 Roosevelt Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78210



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